Sample Docs

As an entrepreneur myself I appreciate receiving items of extra value from those I depend on. I naturally will want to use their services again and even refer their services on to my contacts. With that in mind, I will go the extra mile and provide you with further documentation that is usually not thought of or is over looked at the conception of the private placement memorandum. In most cases this would mean a delay in the process and extra legal fees / expenses to complete the needed documentation.









Below are some documentation items that most of my clients find they need with their private placement memorandum:

Stock Offering PPM Sample


Real Estate PPM Sample

Real Estate Acquisition

Real Estate Distressed Property

Real Estate '1031-Exchange' Tenant-In-Common

Oil & Gas PPM Sample

Start-Up PPM Sample

Start-Up Venture Company

PPM Documentation Sample

PPM Log Sample

Risk Disclosure Document

coming soon

Suitability Questionnaire Sample

coming soon

Subscription Agreement Sample

coming soon

SEC Form D Sample

Blue Sky Filing Notice Sample

Agreements Samples

Managers Agreement Sample

Finder Fee Agreement Sample

coming soon

FINRA Broker/Dealer Agreement Sample

coming soon

Registered Rep Selling Agreement Sample

coming soon

BONUS Services

Bonus Services

• Dealing with state and federal regulators as may be needed from time to time (if they send back comment letters or make other inquires, or require state-specific forms),

• Ongoing review of questionnaires and general advisement of issues that inevitably arise during the course of an offering,

• Website issues – making sure your website is not viewed by regulators as inadvertently (or overtly) making an public offering of investment contracts or securities,


And more, depending on the structure and application…


Rare Expert In His Field

"Mr. Mangum is a rare expert in his field. I am continually impressed with his skills as a leader in the legal profession. He is a visionary, dynamic, highly organized and , knowledgeable. In fact, Darin brings a wealth of experience to any engagement and is an expert at helping organizations leverage information to achieve their buisiness objectives. I found him as a solid resource with an excellent attitude, strong business acumen and, a grounded perspective. I would recommend Darin to any of my business associates looking for a legal resource. I have greatly benedfited from my association with Darin - he is an outstanding individual and a powerful attorney!" - T. Cardullo

Comes Highly Recommended

"Mr. Manugm provided our company with quality professional services. Whenever there were deadlines that had to be met, he swung into action. Mr. Manugm had good ideas, answered questions patiently and anticipated future problems that could occur when sponsoring a private placement. He comes highly recommended."- M. Faller, Executive VP

Legal Expert Every Entrepreneur Needs

"Mr. Mangum has exceeded my expectations in his level of professionalism and services. I've also discovered that having the best legal counsel doesn't also cost a fortune. He truly is the legal expert every entrepreneur needs. I always recommend Mr. Mangum to my business contacts."- S. Downs, President

Competent, Responsive; More Than Fair

"I have known Darin Mangum for more than 10 years. My CPA firm and Darin’s law practice have referred clients to each other over the years and I have always been impressed with Darin’s professionalism and attention to detail. He is a competent attorney with great communications skills. He is very responsive and always more than fair with his clients."- Brian T. Kofford, CPA

Produced Documents To Full Satisfaction

It has been our pleasure to use the legal services of Mr. Mangum on several projects. The nature of these assignments have varied from the simple and forthright to the very complex and demanding. In every case and with no exception, Mr. Mangum has produced the necessary documents and provided the legal counsel to our full satisfaction. We have been pleased with his willingness and ability to produce documents within rigid schedules and with his flexibility in revising these documents as necessary. He has been most responsive and we plan on continuing the use of his services in the future." - Hugo Boren

He Is An Excellent Legal Representative

“Writing well and articulating legal statements in an investment memorandum has become a lost art. As a consultant with a legal background in the oil and gas industry, my company works closely with retail and institutional investors to find the right solution to fit their investment needs. Darin Mangum not only knew how how to solve problems and assist me with legal narratives, he also went the extra step by listening to my needs and desires. He is an excellent legal representative." - Bill Hefron, J.D., Managing Director

Kindness, Professionalism Left Us Highly Impressed!

"Darin Mangum gave us the best legal services recently. I would highly recommend him to anyone. He is highly efficient and so quick to respond to voicemail, email, and even text messaging! Our situation was handled very fast and his reassurance, kindness and professional conduct left us highly impressed!" - Ali & Christopher Kruger

We Recommend Our Clients Retain Mr. Mangum

"Before advising our clients to do any sort of equity financing, whether it be a private round of funding or going public, we recommend they retain Mr. Mangum first." - Richard C. Landerman, Investment Banker

Attention To Detail, With Personalized Attention

"What I like most about Mr.Mangum is the personal service. When you think of law firms, service doesn't usually come to mind. With Mr. Mangum, the opposite is true. Attention to detail and availability, along with personalized attention, sets him apart. I have no reservations recommending him to anyone." - Varin Law, President

Recommend To Business Owners & Entrepreneurs

"We engage the services of Mr. Mangum for all of our contract work. He is an experienced professional who pays attention to our needs. I always recommend Mr. Mangum to business owners and entrepreneurs who are ready to start or expand their business." - Brent Pugh, CFO

Did You Know?

What Is In A PPM

What Is In A PPM

What Is In A PPM
A Private Placement Memorandum or PPM for short; lays out all the material facts and circumstances that are connected with your company or your investment project. A key factor of a PPM is disclosing the risk factors associated with your


What Is A PPM

What Is A PPM

What Is A PPM
PPM is short for Private Placement Memorandum. Under the Federal States Security Laws you are either doing a public offering or a private placement. If you are doing a private placement this means you are not doing any type of


Do I Need A Private Placement Memorandum

Do I Need A Private Placement Memorandum

Do I Need A Private Placement Memorandum
As the Private Placement Memorandum Attorney I of course get asked the question all the time…”Do I really need a PPM?”. Best practices require you to give full disclosure to your investors, outlining all the risks of the investment. I


What Sets Me Apart + My Flat Rate Fee Structure

What Sets Me Apart + My Flat Rate Fee Structure

What Sets Me Apart + My Flat Rate Fee Structure
I am the Private Placement Memorandum Attorney; I am a solo practitioner. So you are just dealing with me not several attorneys or Jr associates, you deal with me one on one in which cuts down on mis-communication problems. My